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Consignment is a partnership between the Boutique and our Consignors, to be successful we must work together.

Consignor Responsibilities:

1) At Home sort your items into 3 categories:

​Consign - "Perfect/Excellent" condition - you would buy it in our Boutique for your child to wear or as a gift. It is your responsibility to please read our What We Accept page when deciding what to consign.

Donate - "Good" condition - you would buy it in a Thrift store, or hand it down for play clothes. For these items you can find donation bins around town or contact local charities to inquire about their needs.

Recycle - Soiled, Torn, or otherwise damaged - you would feel undignified wearing, or having your children wear. The Okotoks Eco Centre accepts textiles for recycling

2) Bring your freshly laundered "Consign" items into the Boutique for us to consider for sale - in boxes or reusable bags.  

3) To regularly check the website &/or social media pages for updates. We also send out a monthly consignor newsletter with important updates and information.

Consignor Benefits: 

40% of the selling price goes automatically to your account when your items sell

If you use your account to shop in store, and spend OVER $25, you will receive 10% off your purchase​

You have 12 months to claim/use your account balance.

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Drop Offs:     

We accept drop-offs Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm. Drop offs WILL NOT be accepted on Mondays.

We accept a maximum volume of drops per person per day -all items must fit in the Tote next to our Desk (approximately 2 reusable Sobeys bags) - see photo below

We do not accept drops in big garbage bags


You have 2 options for Drop Off:

1) Drop & Run - give us your name, we will tag your max 2 medium boxes/bags and you can be on your way. Drop off are generally sorted within 2 business day and items that we do not accept for sale are donated to WINS.

2) Stay & Sort - maximum of 1 SMALL Bag (20 items). If you would like your items sorted when you drop, and we have time  we will sort a while you shop. ​**Not available on Saturdays or after 4pm

​Items selected for sale are priced, steamed, tagged and put on the sale floor, within 1-2 weeks of drop off, dependent on drop volume​

We reserve the right to CLOSE for drop-offs during high volume times & during special events.

Closures ensure safety in the store, and allow us to process drops at peak times in a timely manner. We communicate closures via: email, social media and signage on our door. ​ If we are closed to drop offs there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made​​.

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Loop’s commitment to you:

1) To consistently select quality, nearly new, items for sale in our boutique

2) To fairly price our consignor’s items based on brand name, original retail price and industry thresholds (brick and mortar consignment vs. online consignment/auction or mom-mom sales)

3) To responsibly donate or dispose of those items that are found to be inappropriate for sale during our 3 step sorting process, or that have not sold after the term (3 months) on the floor.

4) To communicate expectations and concerns with our consignors via email, social media and face-to-face

**Meeting these responsibilities will allow our staff to process items in a timely manner, maintain the level of quality expected by our shoppers and allow our consignors the best return on their items.

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