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Ellie & EmmettEllie & Emmett (formerly Ellie Ears) 


Comfort & Support: From One Mom to Another

Designed by Chrissy Mouland, a mother of 4 and health care professional. When her 3rd and 4th babies hated being seated in an upright position she researched ways to make them more comfortable. The pillow replaces rolled blankets or towels often recommended for positioning support, but stays in place and doesn't unravel. Chrissy's passion for this little pillow grew, as the nurse in her drove her to research potential benefits and found that positioning support could have helped prevent and/or treat her eldest daughter's flat spot (placgiocephaly). Plagiocephaly is generally considered a cosmetic concern, but can have long term effects - such as asymmetry of facial features and discomfort wearing protective head equipment - both of which affect her daughter. 



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