This amazing product is incredibly well-designed for supporting baby's head and neck. We recommend the Ellie Ears to all of our mommas looking to prevent conditions such as torticolis (head tilting) or plagiocephaly (flat spots).
Dr Caitlin Zietz, DC
I love my Ellie Ears and they helped my daughter with her Plagiocephaly!! Honestly I didn’t think it would help and it was just a gimmick til I took her back 3 weeks after getting them and she didn’t need the helmet anymore. So THANK YOU!!
Happy Mama / Facebook review
I bought these and was somewhat skeptical about how well they’d work, but I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly well they work! I wish I’d had these for our first - with her, we fought with rolled receiving blankets, which often slipped out of place, but we weren’t willing to get something that was inserted under baby’s body in the car seat. The Ellie Ears keep our son’s head in place, no slipping and no head jostling while we’re driving! LOVE these!
Karissa Johnson
I’ll be telling my patients about you guys. Liev loves them!
Dr. Mike Iseeks, Chiropractor & New Dad
Ellie ears are great! My son was developing a flat spot and favouring a side in his car seat. Ellie ears have helped him to keep his head properly positioned and also hold his body in position while doing side lying to fix his flat head. An easy, low-cost portable option that will hopefully help us avoid needing an expensive helmet!
Amber Huskich


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